Thursday, September 24, 2015

Carputer 2015 - September Status

Time rolls on and the car computer has yet to roll. I've been having way too much fun interfacing and developing for Arduino. Still, everything else is ready to go, so expect the rolling demo video and blog post sometime next week. Here's a quick summary of what the system looks like.


  • Hardkernel Odroid XU-4
    ARM-based Android computing frontend
  • Software to use network GPSd (TBD)
  • Wired Ethernet link to backend
  • Chalkboard Electronics 7" IPS TFT display w/ touch
  • Blue Microphones Tiki
    USB noise-canceling mic
  • DC switching power converter for Odroid


  • Raspberry Pi 2
    ARM-based Linux backend and network router
  • Nexus 5 Android smartphone
    USB tethered to Pi for wireless data access
  • Async serial GPS module
    Provides location data to GPSd on Pi
  • Febon100 UVC video capture
    Provides MJPEG over USB video into Pi
  • 12V powered USB hub
    Can feed 5V to Pi and additional power to N5


  • Freaduino Mega2560 (modified Arduino Mega clone)
    System management controller
  • Resistors and analog ICs for voltage and current measurement
  • Adafruit 2675 OLED display module
    For system diagnostics and power monitoring
  • PowerStream 12V DC UPS module
I imagine the Arduino as something of a lights-out management controller for the entire system. The initial use is power monitoring and control. The Cosa software platform has been a wonderful help when developing for 'duino, as an event-driven approach is important to me. Check out my demo of voltage monitoring and text display.